Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission Papers

So, for several months now I have been thinking a lot about the possibility of serving a full-time mission for the Church.  I have considered many reasons not to go, such as the thought of being away from my girlfriend of over two years for so long, as well as the thought of leaving my family and possibly missing out on important events at home with them.  These thoughts alone were enough to make me strongly consider not going.  But as I prayed and pondered on the subject, I never felt like skipping out on such an incredible opportunity was a really serious option. How could I feel good about myself, knowing that the Lord had so graciously given me the blessings of His gospel, just so I could hog it all to myself? The chance is here for me, now, to go into the world and share something really special with a lot of people. I cannot give this experience up, because once I decide not to go, as soon as I am married, that's it.  No more opportunity until I'm retired. It may be unpleasant to leave the people I love so much for so long, but there have been a great many people throughout history who have had to sacrifice far more for their testimonies of the gospel.  When I read accounts of many such people in the scriptures, I feel like my sacrifices will be so very small by comparison. I am incredibly blessed to have found the Lord's True Church, and now is my chance to reciprocate some of my joy to others.  I want to serve the Lord, even if it means putting my life on hold for two years.  So, this past Sunday, I began work on the paperwork necessary to apply to be a full-time missionary for the Church.  If only the me of a couple years ago could see me now.  If all goes well with the application process, I am going to be one of those name tag and tie-wearing, doorbell-ringing guys I used to pity when I was in high school, before I understand what a great thing they were doing. I pray the Lord will be with me as I go through this application process.

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