Friday, January 28, 2011

First Post

So this is my first venture into the world of Internet blogging.  My girlfriend also recently created a blog (which can be found here).  She convinced me I should also keep one, so here it is.  I do have a lot of things to say about a lot of things, but the trouble I'm sure will be finding the time to do so.  I imagine I will post a lot of articles or quotes I like from others, because that way I don't have to find the time to write everything I'm thinking about.  However, I do like writing, and therefore hope to also use this page as an outlet for that.

First, an introduction to the sort of things I will be writing about.  It should be noted first and foremost that I am a fairly recent (Jan. 10, 2010) convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormons) from a Protestant Christian background.  My interest for learning about the Church at times approaches obsession, so I will most certainly post things I find interesting about the Church on this blog.  It would be great if others interested in the Mormons would stumble upon my little page here and perhaps learn something or share something from which I could learn.  I think the Latter-day Saints have a highly underrated and misunderstood belief system, and that more people should hear about it.  I want people to understand that the Mormons are not brainless followers of a charismatic prophet, but reasonable people with a sincere belief in and adherence to all things uplifting and true.  We follow God as our conscience dictates, through our Savior Jesus Christ.  In fact, the teachings of the Latter-day Saints has inspired me so much that I am strongly considering serving a two-year mission for the Church, and will be posting updates about that as they occur.

Other things I will be posting about are mostly just happenings in my life as I experience them.  Though I am from Missouri (and lived there until last year), I moved to Utah to attend Utah State University and am enjoying the beautiful scenery and culture of this unique place.  For instance, my girlfriend Sannah and I are going to attend a Taste of Logan festival today downtown.  I love it that our college town has so many cultural events occurring on a regular basis.  And even though we are not a very large city, we still get famous entertainers stop here, all the great plays and musicals performed here, and other interesting cultural events happening often.  In addition, I find the Utah focus on morals and family refreshing.  I will post more about my experiences here in Utah.

Also, I am a supporter of conservative ideas in the political realm and will probably post thoughts and/or articles about my political views as I see fit.

So, basically, this page is just about whatever I want it to be about at any given time.  It is not meant to be a very specific blog.  Mostly, it will be nice to have an outlet in which to write about whatever I think is important.

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